Most searched and most trending real estate keywords for Marbella, Spain

I have written this article to help the Real Estate agencies in the region around Marbella, Spain to realize what are their potential clients searching for in Google Search.

Below you will find a table with the most Searched and most Trending Real Estate Keywords for Marbella, Spain when a potential client searches for real estate properties in the Google Search Engine. Click here if you want to go directly to the table.

Why you do need to know which are the most trending keywords

Before you look at the table let me tell you why you need to know which are the most trending keywords in the search engines.

A potential real estate client searches for a property in the following ways:

  1. Contacts a real estate agent/agency which he/she already knows by experience/friend/advertisement
  2. Browses an already known real estate website like Idealista, Zillow or Realtor
  3. Searches in the search engines like Google, Yandex, BING for specific keywords appropriate for his/her new dream property

In this article we will discuss method # 3.

Clients coming from search engines

Let’s say you search for the keyword “property for sale marbella”. The first results you will find are the Paid ones after them you will see all the Organic (not paid) results.

Most people do not click on paid results

A research shows that 72 % of the people either click only on Organic results, or on Organic results the majority of the time. Which means that most people skip the Paid results.

Clicks on Organic vs. Ads results

Research made by Lily Ray, Clicks on Organic vs. Ads results

Make sure you rank in Google Top results

So it is very important to rank in the Top 10 organic results in Google Search (or any other search engine). Although the Top 5 positions get the majority of clicks.

Google Organic CTR Breakdown by Position

Research made by Brian Dean, Google Organic CTR Breakdown by Position

Which keywords to choose

As there is a serious competition between all the Real Estate agencies in the Marbella region a SEO expert needs to carefully choose the right keywords, as it is not easy to rank for all the keywords.
If you rank for some competitive keywords they will help you rank for most of their derivatives. For example if you rank in Top 5 for “marbella apartments” (8100 avg. monthly searches)  you will most probably rank in Top 10 for keywords containing both words “marbella” and “apartments”.

Sometimes you do not need to rank for the most competitive keywords, but you can find niche keywords that are not competitive but can bring you clients. For example:
– “villas for sale in nueva andalucia” (260 avg. monthly searches)
– “property for sale benalmadena pueblo” (390 avg. monthly searches)
– “marbella apartment homes” (260 avg. monthly searches)

So it is very important to choose the right keywords for your business and to find a SEO Expert who can help you rank your website in Google Top organic results.

Countries showing the most interest in Marbella’s real estate (and the region)

Based on our research for 1000 keywords (which get about 140 000 clicks every month on average) the most interested countries in Marbella’s real estate (and the region) are:
– United Kingdom: 40.6%
– Spain: 17.2%
– United States: 9.6%
– Ireland: 6.4%
– Sweden: 3.0%

Marbella Real Estate Searches by Country

Marbella Real Estate Searches by Country

What other information you may need to know

When you choose the keywords which correspond to your real estate properties you may want to know:
– What are the future trends for each specific keyword;
– Which countries/cities are mostly interested in your properties;
– How are your competitors performing in Google Search rankings or What are your competitors advertising in Google Ads. You can check this article here: Competitor Analysis

Here is the table with the most searched and most trending Real Estate Keywords for Marbella, Spain

Real Estate Keywords for Marbella, SpainAvg. Monthly Searches
marbella villas8100
marbella apartments8100
villas for sale in marbella4400
villas to rent in marbella3600
marbella real estate2900
villa marbella2900
estate agents marbella2900
property for sale costa del sol2900
benalmadena apartments2900
property for sale marbella2900
marbella property2400
luxury villas marbella2400
marbella houses for sale2400
beach house marbella1900
villas in benalmadena1900
marbella apartments for sale1900
apartments to rent in marbella1900
marbella luxury villas for sale1600
villas costa del sol1300
property for sale in mijas1300
apartments to rent in benalmadena1300
marbella villas to buy1000
villas in costa del sol1000
houses for sale costa del sol1000
property for sale in fuengirola1000
apartments for sale costa del sol1000
villas to rent in costa del sol1000
marbella rentals880
villas for sale costa del sol880
apartments for sale benalmadena880
mijas pueblo property for sale880
marbella houses720
costa del sol villas720
marbella for sale720
marbella accommodation720
property for sale torremolinos720
villas in torremolinos720
apartments to rent in torremolinos720
villas to rent in benalmadena720
apartments to rent in costa del sol720
marbella house for rent590
marbella house590
marbella homes for sale590
marbella homes590
property for sale mijas costa590
apartments for sale in torremolinos590
marbella estates480
accommodation in torremolinos480
luxury real estate marbella390
buy house marbella390
homes for sale costa del sol390
property for sale benalmadena pueblo390
houses for sale in benalmadena390
accommodation in costa del sol390
property to rent marbella390
marbella suites320
suite marbella320
penthouse marbella320
real estate fuengirola320
costa del sol spain real estate320
marbella real estate agents320
benalmadena marina apartments320
villas for sale in benalmadena320
houses for sale in mijas320
houses for sale in fuengirola320
villas to rent in mijas320
property to rent costa del sol320
villas to rent in fuengirola320
marbella apartment homes260
mobile homes for sale costa del sol260
mijas golf apartments for sale260
marbella villa apartments260
villas for sale in nueva andalucia260
real estate benalmadena260
marbella place apartments260
penthouses for sale in marbella260
buy apartment marbella260
estate agents costa del sol260
luxury apartments marbella260
marbella spain villas260
villas to rent in torremolinos260
marbella real estate for sale210
for sale marbella210
marbella apartments for sale by owner210
luxury homes marbella210
luxury villas costa del sol210
puerto marina benalmadena apartments210
property in calahonda210
buy property in marbella210
apartments for sale in mijas costa210
houses for sale in torremolinos210
property for sale in marbella spain210
holiday apartments marbella210
mijas apartments for sale210
villas in calahonda210
marbella flats for sale210
marbella golden mile property for sale210
villas for sale in fuengirola210
marbella flats to rent210
repossessed property for sale in benalmadena170
apartments to rent in benalmadena bonanza square170
marbella estate170
beachfront apartments costa del sol for sale170
costa del sol property for sale distressed170
property for sale la carihuela170
marbella old town property for sale170
holiday apartments costa del sol170
benalmadena marina apartments for sale170
estate agents benalmadena170
houses for sale spain costa del sol170
calahonda apartments for rent170
benalmadena marina apartments for rent170
apartments to rent in los boliches170
houses to rent costa del sol170

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