Most searched and most trending real estate keywords for Cyprus

I have written this article to help the Real Estate agencies in the region around Cyprus to realize what are their potential clients searching for in Google Search.

Below you will find a table with the most Searched and most Trending Real Estate Keywords for Cyprus when a potential client searches for real estate properties in the Google Search Engine. Click here if you want to go directly to the table.

Why you do need to know which are the most trending keywords

Before you look at the table let me tell you why you need to know which are the most trending keywords in the search engines.

A potential real estate client searches for a property in the following ways:

  1. Contacts a real estate agent/agency which he/she already knows by experience/friend/advertisement
  2. Browses an already known real estate website like Zillow, Realtor or Idealista
  3. Searches in the search engines like Google, Yandex, BING for specific keywords appropriate for his/her new dream property

In this article we will discuss method # 3.

Clients coming from search engines

Let’s say you search for the keyword “cyprus real estate”. The first results you will find are the Paid ones after them you will see all the Organic (not paid) results.

Most people do not click on paid results

A research shows that 72 % of the people either click only on Organic results, or on Organic results the majority of the time. Which means that most people skip the Paid results.

Clicks on Organic vs. Ads results

Research made by Lily Ray, Clicks on Organic vs. Ads results

Make sure you rank in Google Top results

So it is very important to rank in the Top 10 organic results in Google Search (or any other search engine). Although the Top 5 positions get the majority of clicks.

Google Organic CTR Breakdown by Position

Research made by Brian Dean, Google Organic CTR Breakdown by Position

Which keywords to choose

As there is a serious competition between all the Real Estate agencies in Cyprus a SEO expert needs to carefully choose the right keywords, as it is not easy to rank for all the keywords.
If you rank for some competitive keywords they will help you rank for most of their derivatives. For example if you rank in Top 5 for “cyprus real estate” (3600 avg. monthly searches) you will most probably rank in Top 10 for keywords containing both words “cyprus” and “real estate”.

Sometimes you do not need to rank for the most competitive keywords, but you can find niche keywords that are not competitive but can bring you clients. For example:
– “cyprus land” (390 avg. monthly searches)
– “villas in cyprus 2019” (170 avg. monthly searches)
– “brand new houses for sale in limassol” (140 avg. monthly searches)

So it is very important to choose the right keywords for your business and to find a SEO Expert who can help you rank your website in Google Top organic results.

Countries showing the most interest in Cyprus’ real estate (and the region)

Based on our research the most interested countries in Cyprus’ real estate are:

Cyprus Real Estate Searches by Country

Cyprus Real Estate Searches by Country

What other information you may need to know

When you choose the keywords which correspond to your real estate properties you may want to know:
– What are the future trends for each specific keyword;
– Which countries/cities are mostly interested in your properties;
– How are your competitors performing in Google Search rankings or What are your competitors advertising in Google Ads. You can check this article here: Competitor Analysis

Here is the table with the most searched and most trending Real Estate Keywords for Cyprus

Real Estate Keywords for CyprusAvg. Monthly Searches
villas in cyprus12100
property for sale in cyprus6600
cyprus property4400
villas to rent in cyprus4400
houses for sale in cyprus3600
cyprus real estate3600
rightmove cyprus2900
villas in paphos2900
cyprus villa holidays2900
ayia napa villas2900
property for sale in paphos2400
flats for rent nicosia2400
apartments for rent limassol1900
villas to rent in paphos1900
villa plus cyprus1600
villas in protaras1600
apartments for rent nicosia1600
rent apartment cyprus1600
long term rentals paphos1600
houses for sale in limassol1300
villas for sale in cyprus1300
north cyprus property1300
houses for sale in paphos1300
house for rent limassol1300
flats for rent limassol1300
paphos apartments1300
apartments for rent in larnaca1300
villas in coral bay cyprus1300
long term rentals cyprus1300
property for sale in northern cyprus1300
real estate limassol1000
cyprus apartments1000
ayia napa apartments1000
rent in limassol1000
house for rent nicosia1000
villas in cyprus paphos1000
houses in cyprus1000
flats for rent in larnaca1000
apartments for rent in paphos1000
villas for rent in protaras1000
buy property in cyprus1000
rent house cyprus1000
apartments for sale in cyprus880
apartments for sale in limassol880
houses for sale in larnaca880
rent in nicosia880
homes for sale in cyprus880
luxury villas cyprus880
house for sale nicosia880
protaras apartments880
buy house in cyprus880
villas in northern cyprus880
cyprus property for rent880
villas in cyprus with private pool720
apartments for sale in larnaca720
villas in cyprus protaras720
apartments for sale paphos720
houses for rent in paphos720
limassol properties for sale720
property for sale in paphos cyprus720
house for rent in larnaca720
ayia napa villas for rent720
cyprus estate agents590
cheap cyprus property for sale590
north cyprus estate agents590
companies house cyprus590
cyprus developers590
paphos property590
rightmove paphos480
aphrodite hills resort cyprus480
real estate larnaca480
developers limassol480
real estate nicosia480
long term rental cyprus paphos480
limassol property480
villas for sale in paphos480
estate agents paphos480
cyprus home480
larnaca apartments480
rent in larnaca480
bazaraki house for rent limassol480
limassol apartments480
houses for sale in north cyprus480
property to rent in paphos480
villas to rent in northern cyprus480
zoopla cyprus390
cyprus land390
buy and sell cyprus390
buy home cyprus390
land for sale cyprus390
flats for sale nicosia390
property for sale in larnaca390
flat for rent nicosia bazaraki390
villas in larnaca390
real estate agents limassol390
flats for sale limassol390
for sale cyprus390
apartments for sale nicosia390
limassol properties for rent390
real estate agents cyprus390
long term rent limassol390
paphos villa holidays390
north cyprus villas for sale390
ayia napa apartments for rent390
bazaraki rent larnaca320
property for sale in north cyprus by owners320
property for sale in cyprus with title deeds320
cyprus villas for sale320
property for sale in cyprus by owners320
villas in cyprus 2020320
cyprus apartments for sale320
cyprus village houses for sale320
cyprus real estate for sale320
luxury villas paphos320
real estate paphos320
studio for rent in nicosia320
villas in limassol320
north cyprus real estate320
property for sale in protaras320
flats for sale larnaca320
wedding villas cyprus320
villas to buy in cyprus320
apartments for rent protaras320
villas to rent in cyprus paphos320
villas for rent limassol320
rent flat cyprus320
altamira cyprus properties for sale260
bungalows for long term rent paphos260
studio for rent in nicosia 200 euro260
flat for rent limassol 400 euro260
plus properties cyprus260
flat for rent limassol 300 euro260
cheap houses for sale in cyprus260
buy sell paphos260
property for sale in polis cyprus260
cheap property in cyprus260
rightmove north cyprus260
studio for rent limassol260
estate agents limassol260
developers larnaca260
in cyprus property260
larnaca properties260
buy apartment in cyprus260
property for sale in peyia260
houses for sale in protaras260
apartments for rent limassol long term260
cyprus villas with pools260
long term rentals larnaca260
cyprus holiday homes260
apartments in paphos cyprus260
houses for sale in paphos cyprus260
flats for sale in cyprus260
holiday villas in northern cyprus260
old house for rent nicosia210
rightmove cyprus paphos210
cyprus villa holidays with flights210
altamira real estate cyprus210
yearly rentals cyprus210
fox real estate cyprus210
estate agents larnaca210
remu properties cyprus210
cheap villas in cyprus210
property for sale in peyia cyprus210
cheap apartments rent limassol210
house prices in cyprus210
villas for sale in protaras210
pissouri villas210
apartments for rent paralimni210
developers paphos210
paphos villas coral bay210
property for sale ayia napa210
villas to rent in coral bay cyprus210
cyprus property investment210
flats for rent paphos210
villas in latchi cyprus210
paphos rent apartment long term210
villas for rent in larnaca210
new apartments for sale in larnaca170
self catering apartments in paphos cyprus170
paphos direct long term rentals170
long term rentals paralimni170
spitogatos cyprus170
cyprus residency by buying property170
villas in cyprus 2019170
eden beach apartments limassol170
fox real estate limassol170
wooden houses cyprus170
land for sale limassol170
west coast properties cyprus170
property resales paphos170
property for sale larnaca170
paphos villas with private pools170
long term rentals peyia170
buy house nicosia170
property for sale in tala cyprus170
for sale paphos170
cyprus property prices170
cyprus estate170
holiday apartments paphos170
shop for rent limassol170
buy house in limassol170
property for sale in protaras cyprus170
villas in pernera170
houses for sale in limassol cyprus170
peyia villas170
property for sale in pissouri170
kyrenia villas170
villas in peyia cyprus170
cyprus property developers170
apartments in nicosia170
private villas in cyprus170
apartments protaras cyprus170
ayia napa apartments for sale170
apartments for sale in protaras170
apartments for sale in paphos cyprus170
buying property in northern cyprus170
villas for sale in cyprus paphos170
property for sale in nicosia170
north cyprus apartments for sale170
houses for sale ayia napa170
long term rentals north cyprus170
houses for longterm rent in larnaca cyprus140
alpha bank cyprus properties for sale140
houses for sale in larnaca by owners140
cheap houses for rent in limassol140
century 21 cyprus140
brand new houses for sale in limassol140
apartments for longterm rent in larnaca cyprus140
cyprus property market140
elegant cyprus properties140
apartments for rent in larnaca bazaraki140
houses for sale in limassol bazaraki140
repossessed property in paphos cyprus140
cyprus bargain property140
getaway villas cyprus140
cyprus for you apartments140
valentinos apartments paphos140
the villa group cyprus140
cyprus villas 2020140
apartment for sale in limassol tourist area140
rics cyprus140
livadia larnaca140
tsada cyprus140
buy home larnaca140
long term rentals cyprus famagusta140
cheap rent in limassol140
cyprus land area140
real estate agents nicosia140
larnaca apartments for sale140
kings holiday apartments paphos140
buy apartment in limassol140
fox realty cyprus140
bazaraki houses for sale paphos140
estate agents nicosia140
real estate agents paphos140
long term rentals famagusta140
land for sale paphos140
bazaraki flat for rent larnaca140
argaka villas140
plots for sale limassol140
large villas in cyprus140
property for sale in coral bay cyprus140
houses for sale in paralimni140
property for sale famagusta140
houses for sale in larnaca cyprus140
aphrodite hills cyprus villas140
cheap property in cyprus for sale140
villas in polis cyprus140
ayia napa villa holidays140
ian smith estate agents north cyprus140
flats for sale paphos140
apartments in coral bay cyprus140
apartments to rent in cyprus long term140
villa hire cyprus140
property in cyprus paphos140
flats for rent paralimni140
holiday villas cyprus paphos140
villa for sale limassol140
cyprus luxury properties140
villas with heated pools in cyprus140
villas in cyprus larnaca140
villas for rent in protaras cyprus140
long term lets cyprus140
villas in cyprus ayia napa140
property for sale in limassol cyprus140
cheap apartments for sale in limassol110
north cyprus resale property110
diamond villas paphos110
long term rentals paphos universal110
cyprus villages traditional houses110
seafront villas protaras110
west coast properties paphos110
old stone house for sale cyprus110
bazaraki larnaca rent110
cheap flats for rent in nicosia110
flat for rent nicosia ledra110
1 bedroom apartments for rent in larnaca110
property to rent in protaras cyprus long term110
cyprus real estate market110
villas in coral bay cyprus 2019110
souni cyprus110
bazaraki rent flat nicosia110
protaras villas fig tree bay110
bazaraki limassol flats for rent110
new home cyprus110
vrysoulles cyprus110
villa plus cyprus coral bay110
mackenzie larnaca apartment for sale110
villas cyprus 2020110
old houses for sale in limassol110
bungalows for sale in cyprus110
paphos finder long term rentals110
primelocation cyprus110
caesar resort north cyprus110
airbnb cyprus villas110
real estate agents larnaca110
flats for rent nicosia strovolos110
bazaraki houses for sale limassol110
real estate cyprus rent110
bungalows for sale in paphos110
title deeds cyprus110
apartments for sale in paralimni110
villas to rent in protaras cyprus110
property for sale in kato paphos110
villas in pernera cyprus110
protaras properties110
shops for rent nicosia110
by sell cyprus110
kato paphos apartments110
homes for sale in paphos110
cyprus estate agents paphos110
holiday villas to rent in cyprus110
land for sale north cyprus110
houses in limassol110
property for sale in cyprus larnaca110
villas for sale in coral bay cyprus110
house for rent protaras110
property to rent in cyprus paphos110
nissi beach villas ayia napa110
north cyprus apartments for rent110
property for long term rent paphos110
apartments for rent in famagusta110
luxury villas for rent in cyprus110
house for rent in nicosia cyprus110
north cyprus apartments110
property to rent in larnaca110
homes to rent in cyprus110
apartments for rent nicosia aglantzia90
property for sale in northern cyprus pre 1974 deeds90
universal paphos90
marianna apartments limassol90
cyprus villa holidays 202090
long term rentals pernera90
cheap villas in cyprus with private pool90
tersefanou larnaca90
cyprus land for sale90
beachfront houses for sale in larnaca90
old houses for sale in larnaca cyprus90
zoopla paphos90
limassol houses for sale90
bazaraki limassol house for sale90
property for sale in paphos coral bay90
omodos village houses90
home and away villas cyprus90
apartments for rent in kato paphos90
hellenic bank cyprus property sales90
a20 estate agents cyprus90
flats for rent nicosia engomi90
warehouse for rent nicosia90
ideal homes cyprus90
houses for sale in cyprus by owners90
property for sale in cyprus direct from owners90
rightmove cyprus rent90
pomos villas90
apartments in paphos harbour90
james villas paphos90
bazaraki houses for rent larnaca90
housing finance corporation cyprus90
bungalows for sale in north cyprus90
anarita paphos90
long term rent nicosia90
polis property for sale90
prime property limassol90
holiday villas in cyprus with private pool90
cheap apartments in protaras90
panorama villa cyprus90
1 bedroom apartments for rent in nicosia90
altamira real estate cy90
property plus cyprus90
busy bees estate agents north cyprus90
fox property cyprus90
rent buy cyprus90
villas to let cyprus90
buy apartment in larnaca90
buy land in cyprus90
parker barnes estate agents cyprus90
paralimni apartments90
buy house larnaca90
cheap apartments in ayia napa90
property for sale in paralimni cyprus90
shop for rent larnaca90
plots for sale nicosia90
homes for sale in cyprus paphos90
apartments for sale in larnaca cyprus90
rent apartment larnaca long term90
pissouri apartments90
kyrenia property for sale90
holiday homes for sale in cyprus90
online properties cyprus90
cyprus vacation rentals90
houses for rent in famagusta90
real estate paphos cyprus90
farm for sale cyprus90
house for sale oroklini90
houses in paphos90
houses for sale in nicosia cyprus90
flats for rent in ayia napa90
real estate cyprus limassol90
apartments for sale in limassol cyprus90
flats in cyprus90
houses for rent in north cyprus90
houses for sale peyia90
nicosia properties90
holiday apartments in paphos cyprus90
north cyprus homes for sale90
private villas to rent in cyprus90
properties for rent in nicosia90
apartments to rent in paphos cyprus90
ayia napa houses for rent90
apartments for rent in larnaca cyprus90
apartments for rent in nicosia cyprus90
holiday villas coral bay cyprus90
apartments for rent in limassol cyprus90
villa group cyprus70
pafilia cyprus70
imagine villas cyprus70
houses for sale in limassol by owners70
property for rent larnaca long term70
pafilia paphos70
house for rent nicosia strovolos70
freedom villa argaka cyprus70
venus rock cyprus70
the property shop paphos70
platres valley houses70
paphos long term rental geroskipou70
aphrodite hills resort paphos70
summers hotel apartments ayia napa70
blue surf properties protaras70
omega real estate cyprus70
kalo chorio limassol70
villas in paphos 202070
rightmove peyia70
bazaraki paphos rentals70
buy apartment nicosia70
fig tree bay apartments70
studio for rent in larnaca70
altamira properties cyprus70
souni limassol70
bay view villa protaras70
fox real estate larnaca70
tsada paphos70
eden apartments limassol70
golden villas paphos70
cheap flats for rent limassol70
property developers limassol70
investia cyprus70
bazaraki houses for sale larnaca70
foytina pissouri70
moni limassol70
africanos real estate larnaca70
remu properties nicosia70
sandy beach villas cyprus70
rent home limassol70
windmill apartments cyprus70
buy house paphos70
blue sky properties cyprus70
for sale limassol70
long term rentals ayia napa70
houses for sale in polis cyprus70
land for sale larnaca70
bazaraki house for rent paphos70
long term rentals protaras70
short term rent limassol70
cyprus luxury real estate70
villas for rent in kyrenia north cyprus70
house for sale famagusta70
apartments for sale kapparis cyprus70
property for sale paralimni70
real estate larnaca cyprus70
property for sale in latchi cyprus70
buy property in paphos70
peyia apartments70
buy property in limassol70
luxury apartments cyprus70
property developers paphos70
best villas in cyprus70
property for sale in kyrenia north cyprus70
buy flat in cyprus70
real estate investment cyprus70
cyprus resale properties70
souni houses for sale70
land for sale in cyprus larnaca70
long term villa rental cyprus70
rent paralimni70
villas for sale in peyia cyprus70
pissouri cyprus villas70
apartments in larnaca cyprus70
houses for sale in cyprus protaras70
north cyprus real estate agents70
ocean view villas cyprus70
cheap apartments cyprus70
flats in nicosia70
villa argaka cyprus70
north cyprus holiday rentals70
long term rentals pissouri70
villas in limassol cyprus70
villas in kato paphos70
houses in north cyprus70
ayia napa villas for sale70
houses in nicosia70
houses for sale in pissouri70
villas to rent in larnaca cyprus70
house for rent paphos long term70
houses for rent limassol cyprus70
flats to rent in nicosia cyprus70
westcoast properties paphos50
armou paphos50
prime property group limassol50
cyprus property consultants50
krasas beach apartments larnaca50
royal seacrest apartments paphos50
warehouse for rent limassol50
pissouri beach apartments50
rent to buy cyprus50
luxury apartments for sale in limassol50
house for rent lefkosia50
cyprus real estate market 201950
tremithousa paphos50
apartments for rent in lefkosa north cyprus50
blue house cyprus50
bazaraki paphos rent50
long term rentals sotira50
apartments for rent in paphos universal50
villas for rent in paphos per day50
cyprus villa holidays 201950
flats for sale in limassol sea view50
purple international larnaca50
flats for rent in deryneia50
ayia napa land50
pafilia limassol50
castle holiday apartments limassol50
buy home limassol50
blue surf property cyprus50
bazaraki flats for sale nicosia50
apartments for rent in livadia larnaca50
elysia apartments paphos50
flats for rent in aradippou50
title deeds cyprus 201950
anastasia apartments cyprus50
studio for rent limassol long term50
leptos estates cyprus50
repossessed houses for sale cyprus50
sold on cyprus paphos50
ocean suites luxury apartments protaras50
ayia napa real estate50
park homes for sale cyprus50
villas in cyprus with flights50
blue surf properties cyprus50
long term rentals in paphos area50
purple real estate cyprus50
vanessa apartments peyia50
sunrise apartments protaras50
rightmove overseas cyprus50
cyprus for you apartments limassol50
remu properties limassol50
buy and sell paphos50
superior real estate paphos50
property for sale in larnaca town centre50
prestige villas cyprus50
agios tychonas limassol50
plus properties larnaca50
studio for rent nicosia kaimakli50
property for sale in northern cyprus with title deeds50
bazaraki limassol house for rent50
buy apartment paphos50
buy flat nicosia50
villa to rent long term northern cyprus50
apartments to rent in north cyprus long term50
diana apartments paphos50
freminore apartments ayia napa50
flat for rent limassol 500 euro50
kazo real estate limassol50
bay view villa cyprus50
peyia apartment rental50
la mer homes cyprus50
kings palace apartments paphos50
cheap apartments in paphos50
century 21 limassol50
villa aphrodite cyprus50
land for sale nicosia50
long term rental polis cyprus50
luxury villas cyprus protaras50
limassol real estate for sale50
mobile homes for sale in cyprus50
1 bedroom apartments for rent limassol50
luxury beach villas in cyprus50
ian smith estates north cyprus50
luxury villas in cyprus with private pool50
souni living50
limassol marina villas for sale50
cyprus bungalows50
villas for rent in cyprus with private pool50
purple properties cyprus50
fitzgerald estate agents paphos50
pissouri bay villas50
ocean view villas protaras50
houses for sale in xylofagou50
bazaraki house for sale nicosia50
bungalow cyprus50
limassol marina villas50
villas for sale in peyia50
pernera villas to rent50
traditional houses in cyprus for sale50
hotel apartments protaras cyprus50
fitzgerald estate agents cyprus50
long term rent in peyia cyprus50
cheap villas in ayia napa50
buysell cyprus real estate50
luxury villas in protaras50
aphrodite villas cyprus50
property for sale in argaka cyprus50
unwins estate agents north cyprus50
holiday apartments limassol50
estate agents larnaca cyprus50
land for sale cyprus paphos50
cyprus in the sun villa50
apartments in pernera cyprus50
holiday apartments in ayia napa50
property for sale in famagusta cyprus50
green bay villas protaras50
cyprus villa package holidays50
house for rent paralimni50
ayia napa property50
peyia villas for rent50
apartments for sale in peyia50
villas for sale in larnaca50
beachfront villa cyprus50
property for sale in pissouri cyprus50
luxury villas for sale in cyprus50
villas for sale in cyprus protaras50
luxury villas ayia napa50
limassol luxury apartments50
self catering apartments paphos50
long term lets paphos50
family villas in cyprus50
holiday villas in protaras cyprus50
flats for rent latsia50
kyrenia property50
house for sale in pyla cyprus50
apartments for sale in cyprus protaras50
kyrenia apartments50
property for sale in southern cyprus50
house for rent limassol long term50
owners direct cyprus villas50
houses for rent in paphos cyprus50
cyprus guest house50
villas to rent in latchi cyprus50
long term rentals in larnaca cyprus50
land registry paphos40
rent private villas protaras40
villa amarilla cyprus40
six apartments larnaca40
cyprus villas 201940
bazaraki flats for sale larnaca40
blue sky houses paphos40
buy sell cyprus rentals40
kings apartments paphos40
sabbianco properties ltd limassol40
sunshine luxury villas cyprus40
parekklisia limassol40
villa plus cyprus 201940
bazaraki flat for rent in paralimni40
protaras long term monthly rentals40
property canvas paphos40
2 bedroom flat for rent in limassol40
bazaraki apartments for sale nicosia40
coral bay cyprus villas cyprus40
studio for rent in nicosia engomi40
bazaraki cyprus houses for rent40
overseas property cyprus40
cyprus property market 201940
apartments for rent in polis chrysochous40
4321 property cyprus40
rightmove larnaca40
sold on cyprus property for sale40
fox real estate nicosia40
long term rent in dhekelia40
leptos estates paphos40
island homes estate agents cyprus40
cyprus land registry portal40
apartments for rent in mackenzie larnaca40
the residence limassol40
seafront property cyprus40
houses for sale pernera cyprus40
sold on cyprus estate agents40
dempro paphos40
real estate companies in cyprus40
houses for rent in north cyprus famagusta40
mazotos larnaca40
buying property in north cyprus 201840
fitzgerald properties paphos40
house for sale latsia40
buy home cyprus larnaca40
fig tree apartments protaras40
peyia villas cyprus40
property for sale larnaca bazaraki40
blue surf estate agents cyprus40
seafront apartments for sale in limassol40
santa marina villa cyprus40
cyprus property centre40
orange grove villa cyprus40
castle apartments limassol40
villas cyprus 201940
apollo beach villas paphos40
mountain homes for sale in cyprus40
united cyprus properties40
metin houses kyrenia40
slv estates cyprus40
property for sale in tala paphos cyprus40
aps properties cyprus40
let 2 buy cyprus40
regina gardens paphos for sale40
cyprus real estate market 201840
flats for rent in paralimni long term40
superior real estate cyprus40
alpha bank real estate cyprus40
house of nissus ayia napa40
houses for rent in kiti larnaca40
investia larnaca40
villa plus paphos40
cheap property in paphos cyprus40
rightmove pissouri40
villas to let protaras40
a20 real estate cyprus40
purple international oroklini40
property for sale in mandria cyprus40
land in cyprus40
greco villas protaras40
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