SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

How to rank your website at the top of the search engines rankings?

The simple answer is: You need more traffic.

The more visitors you have on your website the more impressions, the more signups and the more purchases you will have. Resulting at the end to more revenue for your company, as the revenue is the one that pays the bills.

But how can you increase the traffic on your website from organic search, as there is huge competition and the search engines are changing their search algorithms regularly?

And the answer is: Using the correct SEO Strategy (Search Engine Optimization Strategy) .

I want to share with you what methods we at (Online Creations Ltd) use to increase not only the web traffic but also the revenue for our clients.
I will show you how we create a website’s SEO strategy from the beginning and how we evolve it.

Steps and Processes we pass through to create a winning SEO Strategy for our clients:

The first step of our SEO Strategy is to analyze the business of each client.

We always analyze the business of a client. Because we need some specific information before we start with the SEO. Here is the information that we are searching for:

  • We need to know exactly what the client is selling. Having this information will help us determine his potential clients and competitors.


  • Determining who are our client’s potential clients/customers. We need to know who are his/her potential clients, so we can create a client profile. Based on the product/service features and pricing every company has different clients. The sooner we find who are those clients the sooner we will point our SEO marketing efforts towards them and start generating revenue to our client. The more we know about the clients the easier we will bring them to the website.

To create a client profile we use Google Analytics, we read related marketing analysis to our client’s business (paid and free), we may also ask our client about his/her opinion which his/her clients are. With this information we can create a client profile. Later during the SEO marketing campaign we may add up info to the client’s profile.
For example: Let’s say our client from Los Angeles is selling fishing kayaks with a price more than $1000. Based on our research we’ve determined that his clients are men between the age of 25 and 54 years old.

  • Determining who are our client’s competitors. We determine who are our client’s competitors because they may give us some SEO ideas.
    For example:
    The analysis may show us which keywords the competitors use to rank in the search engines. We may see how they have structured their meta titles and descriptions. The competitors in the Top positions attract more visitors that the others, this could mean that their meta titles and descriptions make visitors click more on them.
    Also we will see which social media users are more likely to engage with our client’s products/services.  If we see that for example Youtube users engage more than Facebook users we will focus our strengths towards Youtube. For the competitor analysis we use Google Search, Google Keyword Planner and Semrush (if you do not want to pay for any tool you can stick with Google, it has enough info).

The second step of our SEO strategy is to create a keyword strategy

Before we start any off-site or on-site SEO work we need to build a good keyword strategy. So we need to find out the below information:

  • Determining which keywords are more likely to convert visitors to real clients.
    As our client’s revenue is very important to him/her the first thing that we do is to define which keywords are the most likely to convert the visitors to real clients.
    A happy client is the one whose revenue is increased J, this way he/she knows why we get a SEO marketing fee.
    To determine which keywords are profitable we use Google Analytics or any other web statistics tool (this is applicable for the old websites, having history).
    For a new website we analyze the keywords using the Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends. And we try to determine which are the easiest keywords to rank in SERP and could bring conversions. In most cases these are long phrases, which visitors search at the end of their product/service research cycle and they are ready to buy based on features and pricing.There are very competitive keywords who bring visitors to a website, but the visitors may not be ready to buy anything. They are just searching for information or comparing prices.
    As at the start of any SEO campaign you cannot quickly jump at the Search Engine Top results, so you need start with the easiest keywords that can bring real sales.
    For example:
    People searching for “golf clubs set for sale” could be more likely to buy anything than people searching for “golf clubs set”.
  • Creating a list with all possible keywords which could bring visitors with interest of our client’s products/services, not only sales. We also create a list of keywords which we think could bring visitors, not only sales. Because later we will use these keywords in the content building of the website. Most of the keywords could be very common and it will be very difficult for the website to rank for them, but anyway sooner or later the ranking will happen.
    Anyway to rank any website the search engines need quality content and we will use the keywords from our analysis to build this content.

The next step of our SEO Strategy is to analyze our client competitors and add some ideas to the keyword strategy and content building process

After we know who our client competitors are it is time to find who are the weakest of them. So we start replacing them in the SERP (search engine result pages) rankings.
If in the search results there are famous brands it will be hard to replace them. So first it is better to start replacing the not famous websites.

For example: Wikipedia may rank higher than our website just because it is Wikipedia.

Fixing Website Issues is one of the most important steps in our SEO strategy, as broken and slow sites lead to visitors leaving the website.

Before we start building content it necessary to check for any website code and speed issues and fix them accordingly.
For website code issues we check the server logs of the website.
Also for us it is very important to fix the issues shown in Google Search Console, Google PageSpeed Insights, Google Chrome Developer Tools Audits, Semrush and Screaming Frog SEO Spider.

The code and speed issues must be checked and fixed immediately after you find them. It is not a one-time process, as most of the time there are daily/weekly website updates.

Building the Website Content is probably the most important step in the SEO Strategy.

“Content is king” – yeah this is a famous saying but really content drives web pages to the TOP search engine results. Search engines forward visitors to specific websites based on the information they are searching for. And it is our job to give them what they are searching for.

After we have created a keyword strategy it’s time to include all the valuable keywords in our client’s website content. We create all the content in a way that the visitors will find the information they need and read it easily.

We use Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends and Semrush (you can use the free version for smaller sites) for ideas on which keywords to use to build the content.

Search engines reward unique content and using high-quality original photography. So it is very important for us to create the content ourselves, hire a photographer for the photos and video/camera crew (in case of shooting any video clips).
The photos can be copyrighted, watermarked or licensed with Creative Commons license. This allows others to use the photos with condition that they have to link back to the original source (in this case to our client’s website).

Website Link Building

Web pages need links pointed at them to rank in search engine results.
After we have created the content it is time to do some link building. All we need is quality backlinks. Search engines do not rely anymore on the quantity of the backlinks, they require quality backlinks.
So we focus on writing articles with valuable and unique information, so other websites may want to quote us and to link back to us. The best situation will be that after some time other sites will start linking back to us even if we haven’t asked them to do so. Such articles could be research articles.

Creating promotions and discounts could also bring more backlinks to our client’s website.

One other method of link building is to setup an affiliate system and create an affiliate building strategy. In this case influencer websites will start linking back to our client’s website. Affiliate system and strategy is another big topic which we will discuss in another article. But this is one of the cheapest ways to increase any brand awareness, especially if you are offering a unique product or service. As influencers will create articles and videos evaluating your product / service.

Another method of link building is to license your original photos with Creative Commons license (as described in the Building content section), so other websites need to link back to your website.

Other link building methods are:

  • Your client’s company to be a sponsor or be involved in any volunteering work.
  • Your client to be interviewed or quoted.
  • A software tool on your client’s website which can calculate or evaluate any data.

Using the SEO momentum

Once we have completed the above steps we will start seeing organic traffic to our client’s website. If we satisfy the visitors needs they will keep coming back. They will also start sharing us in social networks. Other websites will start linking back to us too. It is very important to analyze what visitors like and are looking for, and to give them more of it.

After we have ranked for low competitive keywords it is time to focus on competing for high competitive keywords. More competitive keywords will bring even more visitors and clients.

One important note is to make sure all the content on the client’s website is up to date. If the content is outdated we should correct it immediately. This way sites that link to our valuable articles will keep linking to us.

Who uses our Website SEO Services?

  • Companies from the following industries:
    • Travel and adventures websites
    • Credit and Loans companies
    • SaaS product companies
    • Home appliances retailers
    • Food delivery companies
    • Furniture manufacturers and retailers
    • Interior and Exterior doors manufacturers and retailers
    • Fishing equipment retailers
    • All local services like home repairs, accounting, flower shops etc.
  • SEO Experts and Marketers as we offer outsourcing SEO services to them

Advantages of our SEO Marketing Services:

  • Increase of visitors and respectively paying customers (revenue)

  • Improve your Search Engine (Google Top 10) visibility

  • Increase your brand awareness

  • Better brand recognition