Marketing Data Automation Services

Another Way to Beat Your Competitors

Articles / Posts Manipulation

  1. Insert new articles with information from API, XML, Web Scraping and other sources.
    1. We can insert new articles automatically in your website from another source. These articles can be published immediately or can be private, so an editor modifies the text / images and approves the articles for publishing.
  2. Edit articles
    1. Replace certain keywords with similar or related keywords or phrases based on:
      1. SEO Keyword analysis.
        1. In case you have many pages and you want to replace certain keywords with new keywords based on SEO keyword analysis or other reasons.
      2. Enrich text – You may want to enrich your text with new phrases.
      3. Other rules
    2. Replace / Add URLs in articles. This could be useful if you have a huge website or a websites network where you are promoting one URL and at a certain moment you want to promote another URL.

Products Manipulation

  1. Insert / Edit products.
    1. We can automatically insert products from any source (Excel, CSV, API, Web scraping etc). This will save you a lot of time and effort.
    2. Editing products automatically is useful when you need to change some product features. Mostly it is used to adjust the pricing based on a rule (for example the competition price of a product is lower than yours).
  2. Change prices based on competitor prices.
    1. There could be rules to limit the changes, so the product price doesn’t go less/more than a certain limit.
    2. An alert could be sent to the Store owner instead of changing the prices automatically, so the owner changes it manually.
  3. Always keep the lowest price compared to your competitors. We will scan your competitor prices, we will create a table which compares your products to their products prices. Then you will decide what action to take.
  4. Check if any product of your competitors is out of stock. This may alert you to start promoting this product more but it is always good to see what is the trending line (we can provide you with that too) for this product as it may not be desirable at this moment.
  5. Find out which products you have the lowest prices on the market and promote them more.

Competition Analysis

  1. Check what new articles the competition is writing.
    1. Knowing the articles the competition is writing may give you information on what they are trying to sell at the moment.
  2. Check which new products the competition is launching.
  3. Check your competition ranking positions in Google Search for a given keyword.
    1. It is very important for a SEO specialist to know how your website is comparing to your competitors.
    2. We can also show you new competitors for a keyword. Some of them could become your Allies, if you promote your business in their websites.
  4. Keyword Research. You can find more info here.
    1. Find new less competitive keywords which the Google search engine users are using.
    2. Find out which keywords the competition is doing Pay-per-click for.
  5. Price Comparison
    1. This feature is useful for online stores.
  6. Google Search Paid Ads Analysis. You can find more info here.

Web Scraping

  1. We gather information from other websites.
    1. Competitors: Scanning competitor websites. The information is used to spy on your competitors prices, promotions, product releases, articles and news. This information can tell where your competitors are headed to.
    2. News websites: You can see what are the headlines from different news sources. We can import the news on your website or your can use them for analysis.

Website Pages Monitoring

  1. Monitor website pages for issues. It is really important that every web page is working properly and it shows the information you need it to show. Example information:
    1. Specific tag in internal URLs (affiliate tags)
    2. Specific SEO elements like H tags, description, title.
    3. Specific text in the page
  2. Monitor SEO elements like H tags, description, title.
  3. Monitor web page speed.

Automatic Text Translation

  1. Automatically translate articles / products and publish them (visible or invisible for the users).
    1. As it is an automatic translation there could be something wrong. The client will decide whether the article / product needs human corrections.
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Who Benefits From Our Marketing Data Automation Services

  • Big Online Stores / Shops with many products
  • Big Media Companies with many websites
  • Big Digital Marketing Agencies with many clients

Multiple Countries and Languages

  • We can do our Marketing Data Automation Services for any country in any language.

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