Most searched and most trending real estate keywords for Hawaii

I have written this article to help the Real Estate agencies in the region around Hawaii to realize what are their potential clients searching for in Google Search.

Below you will find a table with the most Searched and most Trending Real Estate Keywords for Hawaii when a potential client searches for real estate properties in the Google Search Engine. Click here if you want to go directly to the table.

Why you do need to know which are the most trending keywords

Before you look at the table let me tell you why you need to know which are the most trending keywords in the search engines.

A potential real estate client searches for a property in the following ways:

  1. Contacts a real estate agent/agency which he/she already knows by experience/friend/advertisement
  2. Browses an already known real estate website like Zillow, Realtor or Idealista
  3. Searches in the search engines like Google, Yandex, BING for specific keywords appropriate for his/her new dream property

In this article we will discuss method # 3.

Clients coming from search engines

Let’s say you search for the keyword “hawaii real estate”. The first results you will find are the Paid ones after them you will see all the Organic (not paid) results.

Most people do not click on paid results

A research shows that 72 % of the people either click only on Organic results, or on Organic results the majority of the time. Which means that most people skip the Paid results.

Clicks on Organic vs. Ads results

Research made by Lily Ray, Clicks on Organic vs. Ads results

Make sure you rank in Google Top results

So it is very important to rank in the Top 10 organic results in Google Search (or any other search engine). Although the Top 5 positions get the majority of clicks.

Google Organic CTR Breakdown by Position

Research made by Brian Dean, Google Organic CTR Breakdown by Position

Which keywords to choose

As there is a serious competition between all the Real Estate agencies in Hawaii a SEO expert needs to carefully choose the right keywords, as it is not easy to rank for all the keywords.
If you rank for some competitive keywords they will help you rank for most of their derivatives. For example if you rank in Top 5 for “hawaii real estate” (12 100 avg. monthly searches) you will most probably rank in Top 10 for keywords containing both words “hawaii” and “real estate”.

Sometimes you do not need to rank for the most competitive keywords, but you can find niche keywords that are not competitive but can bring you clients. For example:
– “property professionals hilo” (260 avg. monthly searches)
– “honolulu real property” (210 avg. monthly searches)
– “maui real property” (140 avg. monthly searches)

So it is very important to choose the right keywords for your business and to find a SEO Expert who can help you rank your website in Google Top organic results.

Countries showing the most interest in Hawaii’s real estate (and the region)

Based on our research the most interested countries in Hawaii’s real estate are:
– United States: 86.9%
– Canada: 5.4%
– Australia: 1.5%
– United Kingdom: 1.2%
– Japan: 0.7%

Hawaii Real Estate Searches by Country

Hawaii Real Estate Searches by Country

What other information you may need to know

When you choose the keywords which correspond to your real estate properties you may want to know:
– What are the future trends for each specific keyword;
– Which countries/cities are mostly interested in your properties;
– How are your competitors performing in Google Search rankings or What are your competitors advertising in Google Ads. You can check this article here: Competitor Analysis

Here is the table with the most searched and most trending Real Estate Keywords for Hawaii

Real Estate Keywords for HawaiiAvg. Monthly Searches
hawaii real estate12100
houses for sale in hawaii12100
maui real estate9900
houses in hawaii9900
homes for sale in hawaii9900
zillow oahu9900
maui vacation rentals8100
houses for rent in hawaii8100
hawaii vacation rentals6600
beach house kauai6600
maui homes for sale6600
apartments in hawaii6600
zillow hawaii6600
kaanapali alii5400
kauai real estate5400
westin kaanapali ocean resort villas4400
apartments for rent in honolulu4400
homes for sale oahu4400
maui condos for sale4400
homes in hawaii4400
maui condos3600
maui house rentals3600
houses for sale oahu3600
apartments for rent in hawaii3600
oahu real estate3600
kauai homes for sale3600
wailea beach villas2900
maui kamaole2900
honua kai maui2900
houses for rent oahu2900
big island real estate2900
maui eldorado2400
maui homes for rent2400
hawaii condo rentals2400
apartments for rent in oahu2400
hawaii beach house2400
honolulu real estate2400
houses for sale in honolulu2400
honolulu homes for sale2400
hawaiian properties2400
houses for sale kauai2400
land for sale in hawaii2400
wailea ekahi village1900
kauai house rentals1900
moanalua hillside apartments1900
homes for rent oahu1900
houses for rent in honolulu1900
maui apartments for rent1900
condos in hawaii1900
big island hawaii real estate1900
hawaii condos for sale1900
hawaii life real estate1600
oahu apartments1600
hawaii property for sale1600
kona real estate1600
kanaloa at kona1300
kauai homes for rent1300
kauai condos1300
maui vista1300
honolulu condos for rent1300
condos for sale oahu1300
beach house rentals oahu1300
honolulu homes for rent1300
coldwell banker hawaii1300
kauai condos for sale1300
maui real estate for sale1300
houses for sale in hawaii oahu1300
homes for sale maui hawaii1300
hawaii real estate for sale1300
homes for sale kona hawaii1300
hilo homes for sale1300
mls hawaii1300
hawaii vacation rentals maui1000
kihei maui condos1000
kihei condos1000
papakea resort maui1000
westin kaanapali ocean resort villas north1000
realtor hawaii1000
waikiki condos for rent1000
buying a house in hawaii1000
maui long term rentals1000
houses for rent in hilo1000
homes for sale in oahu hawaii1000
big island homes for sale1000
maui mls1000
waikiki condos for sale1000
kona homes for sale1000
mililani homes for sale1000
maui land for sale1000
house for sale waipahu1000
molokai real estate1000
kaanapali alii resort880
hawaii villa rentals880
maui condo rentals kihei880
hawaii vacation rentals oahu880
north shore oahu vacation rentals880
maui vacation home rentals880
polo beach club maui880
maui sunset condos880
fairway villas waikoloa880
waikiki condos880
hawaii beach house rentals880
honolulu condos880
hawaii life realty880
waikiki apartments880
houses in maui880
ewa beach homes for sale880
hawaii real estate maui880
kaneohe homes for sale880
hawaii real estate oahu880
maui property for sale880
kihei condos for sale880
houses for sale in maui hawaii880
land for sale oahu880
homes for sale in hilo hawaii880
kauai land for sale880
zillow big island880
hawaii vacation rentals big island720
wailea condos720
villas at poipu kai720
aina nalu lahaina720
kona condos720
condominium rentals hawaii720
kaanapali condos720
hawaii vacation home rentals720
hawaii vacation homes720
houses for rent in oahu hawaii720
maui timeshare rentals720
lanai house720
apartments in oahu hawaii720
apartments for rent in waikiki720
beach house oahu720
apartments for rent in honolulu hawaii720
kauai apartments720
houses in oahu720
kailua kona real estate720
kona hawaii real estate720
trulia hawaii720
homes for sale in honolulu hawaii720
kapolei homes for sale720
houses for sale in honolulu hawaii720
kailua homes for sale720
hawaii kai homes for sale720
houses for sale in kona hawaii720
houses for sale in hilo720
kona condos for sale720
hilo real estate720
wailuku homes for sale720
kahului homes for sale720
wailea condos for rent590
vacation rentals kauai hi590
hawaii luxury homes590
maui vacation rentals beachfront590
grand wailea villas590
kapalua golf villas590
maui beach house rental590
westin kaanapali ocean resort590
waikoloa condos590
houses for rent kona590
houses for rent in maui hawaii590
kauai long term rentals590
oahu condos590
houses for rent in honolulu hawaii590
kakaako condos590
apartments for rent kauai590
houses for rent oahu craigslist590
houses in kauai590
trulia oahu590
maui homes590
hawaii apartments for sale590
kailua kona homes for sale590
houses for sale in kapolei590
house prices in hawaii590
hawaii beach house for sale590
houses for sale in mililani590
hilo hawaii real estate590
zillow maui hawaii590
houses for sale in hilo hawaii590
apartments for rent in hilo590
zillow hawaii oahu590
land in hawaii590
maui condo and home480
maui vacation condo rentals480
maui vacation rentals by owner480
waikoloa colony villas480
wailea ekolu village480
maui kai condos480
poipu condos480
maui vacation homes480
lahaina condos480
realtor oahu480
kihei garden estates480
condos in maui hawaii480
maui vista condo480
maui realtors480
homes for rent in oahu hawaii480
apartments for rent in oahu hawaii480
hawaii long term rentals480
waikiki real estate480
homes for rent hilo480
kauai real estate for sale480
kauai property for sale480
kauai hawaii real estate480
condos for sale in kihei maui480
cheap beach houses in hawaii for sale480
kaneohe houses for sale480
kailua real estate480
kihei real estate480
kona houses for sale480
homes in honolulu480
kihei homes for sale480
kauai hawaii homes for sale480
cheap apartments in hawaii480
condos for sale in kona hawaii480
pearl city house for sale480
hilo apartments480
molokai homes for sale480
house for sale in kahului480
zillow kailua480
hawaii farm for sale480
kauai rentals and real estate390
maui condo rentals by owner390
condos for rent in kona hawaii390
the villas at poipu kai390
hawaii real estate commission390
wailea ekahi390
maui condos kaanapali390
kihei surfside resort390
maui timeshare resales390
vacation rentals in honolulu hawaii390
sugar beach condos maui390
houses for rent in kona hawaii390
kahana sunset maui390
condos for rent in oahu hawaii390
hawaii vacation house rentals390
homes for rent in maui hawaii390
molokai vacation rentals390
hawaiian ocean view estates390
houses for rent in kailua390
kona long term rentals390
houses for rent in hilo hawaii390
honolulu apartments for rent 1 bedroom390
hawaii realty390
houses in honolulu hawaii390
maui property390
redfin maui390
north shore oahu real estate390
craigslist oahu apartments390
homes for sale north shore oahu390
houses for rent ewa beach390
cheap houses in hawaii390
oahu homes390
oahu property for sale390
lahaina homes for sale390
honolulu hawaii real estate390
single family homes for sale oahu390
kailua houses for sale390
big island houses for sale390
leasehold hawaii390
apartments in hilo hawaii390
mansions for sale in hawaii390
hawaii condos for sale maui390
houses for sale in hawaii kai390
manoa homes for sale390
maui foreclosures390
waianae homes for sale390
aiea house for sale390
aiea homes for sale390
big island land for sale390
house for sale wahiawa390
hi central mls390
craigslist oahu housing390
luxury villas hawaii320
hanalei vacation rentals320
maui condo rentals wailea320
ewa beach apartments320
luxury homes for sale in hawaii320
wailea elua320
best condos in maui320
condos in wailea maui320
vacation homes for rent in oahu320
maui condos on the beach320
aina nalu maui320
lahaina condos for rent320
condos in kona hawaii320
kapolei apartments for rent320
hawaii real estate agents320
kihei bay vista320
kona reef condos320
hawaii vacation rentals by owner320
valley isle resort maui320
kaanapali alii vrbo320
maui sands condo320
kaanapali beach condos320
big island home rentals320
kaanapali shores condos320
houses for rent north shore oahu320
cheap maui vacation rentals320
ala moana condos320
hawaii condos for sale oahu320
homes for rent in honolulu hawaii320
kailua homes for rent320
hawaii rental property320
long term house rentals in kauai hawaii320
zillow maui rentals320
tiny houses for sale in hawaii320
apartments for rent in maui hawaii320
maui homes for rent long term320
kauai homes320
houses for rent in oahu pet friendly320
beach house north shore320
ewa beach homes for rent320
hawaii bungalows on the beach320
maui homes for sale by owner320
houses for sale north shore oahu320
hilo homes for rent by owner320
foreclosures oahu320
oahu mls320
craigslist honolulu apartments320
apartments for rent hilo hawaii320
poipu condos for sale320
lahaina real estate320
houses for rent in kaneohe320
buying land in hawaii320
waikiki homes for sale320
mililani mauka homes for sale320
houses for sale in waianae320
kahala homes for sale320
houses for sale in kauai hawaii320
hawaii foreclosures320
cheap apartments oahu320
pearl city homes for sale320
houses for rent in waianae320
wahiawa homes for sale320
zillow kaneohe320
kalihi house for sale320
houses for rent in mililani320
house for rent in waipahu320
zillow kailua kona320
hawaiian plantation house320
luxury vacation rentals hawaii260
sullivan properties maui260
kapalua ridge villas260
kaanapali vacation rentals260
maui condo resorts260
maui condo rentals kaanapali260
kauai vacation home rentals260
maui oceanfront condos260
maui vacation house rentals260
condos in lahaina maui260
honolulu realtor260
maui eldorado resort260
kauai condos poipu260
maui eldorado for sale260
vrbo maui eldorado260
maui rental properties260
vista waikoloa260
houses for rent kapolei260
westin kaanapali ocean villas260
kaanapali ocean resort villas260
lae nani kauai260
waikiki vacation rentals beachfront260
waikoloa village condos260
kona homes for rent260
foreclosure homes oahu260
buying a home in hawaii260
maui beach house260
waikiki condos for rent by owner260
westin kaanapali villas north260
condos for rent in honolulu hawaii260
homes for rent hilo hawaii260
long term rentals oahu260
maui guest house260
maui realty260
coffee farm for sale hawaii260
apartments for rent in kona hawaii260
oahu realty260
kona apartments for rent260
apartments for rent kailua kona260
single family homes rent hawaii260
buying property in hawaii260
homes for sale in hawaii under 100 000260
lahaina houses for sale260
studio apartments honolulu260
apartments in kona hawaii260
oahu real estate for sale260
homes for sale in kailua hawaii260
cost of housing in hawaii260
hawaii beachfront homes for sale260
waikoloa homes for sale260
big island property for sale260
hawaii beach homes for sale260
hawaii island real estate260
ala moana apartments260
houses for sale kailua kona260
wailea condos for sale260
sotheby's maui260
kauai homes for sale by owner260
kihei houses for sale260
hawaii kai real estate260
wailea real estate260
lahaina condos for sale260
hawaii kai condos for sale260
maui real estate zillow260
big island condos for sale260
makakilo homes for sale260
condos for sale kailua kona260
house for sale in manoa260
kahala house for sale260
cheap apartments for rent in honolulu260
waipahu homes for sale260
cheap apartments for rent in hawaii260
kaimuki homes for sale260
apartments for rent in waipahu260
apartments for rent kailua260
apartments for rent in mililani260
molokai houses for sale260
lanai real estate260
qpublic honolulu260
property professionals hilo260
kaanapali condos for sale210
loopnet honolulu210
luxury home rentals maui210
north shore kauai vacation rentals210
ekahi village maui210
haiku house maui210
maui beachfront condos210
oahu vacation rentals for large groups210
west maui condos210
maui vacation condos210
condo maui rental oceanfront210
kauai beach house rental210
realtors in hilo210
kuleana resort maui210
condos for rent in maui beachfront210
maui oceanfront rentals210
ewa beach apartments for rent210
vacation homes oahu210
honolulu real estate agents210
big island condo rentals210
maui vista resort210
maui eldorado kaanapali210
realtor kauai210
kailua kona condos210
vacation homes for rent in honolulu210
condos big island hawaii210
princeville condos210
oahu vacation rentals beachfront210
princeville kauai condos210
big island condos210
kona beach bungalows210
kihei condo rentals on the beach210
homes for rent in kona hawaii210
vrbo maui kaanapali villas210
the lahaina beach house210
apartments for sale oahu210
napili condos210
houses for rent kailua kona210
kihei kai oceanfront condos210
maui homes for rent by owner210
home away maui hawaii210
oahu rental properties210
maui long term rentals furnished210
kauai property210
holiday homes hawaii210
fee simple hawaii210
waikiki condominium210
hilo realty210
trulia maui210
kaanapali ocean resort210
pono kai resort kauai210
new homes oahu210
2 bedroom apartments honolulu210
pono kai resort hawaii210
maui luxury real estate210
rent to own homes oahu210
homes for sale in kapolei hawaii210
long term rentals by owners in kailua kona hi210
houses in hawaii oahu210
kaneohe homes for rent210
cheap houses for sale oahu210
kailua house210
waikoloa condos for sale210
studio apartments oahu210
affordable apartments in honolulu210
waikiki house210
waikoloa real estate210
pearl city apartments210
new condos in honolulu210
mililani hawaii homes for sale210
cheap apartments in honolulu210
cheap houses for sale in hawaii210
maui real estate kihei210
honolulu property210
homes for sale kailua oahu210
oahu homes for sale by owner210
redfin kauai210
big island real estate zillow210
maui condos for sale zillow210
wailea homes for sale210
cheap land in hawaii210
homes for sale waimea hawaii210
studio apartments in hawaii210
apartments for rent in kaneohe210
hilo land for sale210
waimea homes for sale210
keaau homes for sale210
waimanalo homes for sale210
zillow hawaii kai210
molokai land for sale210
homes for sale in volcano hawaii210
zillow kihei210
hawaii ranch for sale210
house for rent in kalihi210
honolulu real property210
remax hawaii210
elite properties hawaii170
exp realty hawaii170
kaanapali alii maui170
maui real estate agents170
lahaina maui vacation rentals170
poipu beach condos170
keauhou lane apartments170
oahu luxury homes170
kona house170
wailea beach villas maui170
new homes hawaii170
maui kamaole condo170
pohailani maui resort170
makena surf maui170
coconut condos maui170
kamaole sands kihei170
hale kamaole maui170
whaler condos maui170
menehune shores maui170
poipu beach estates170
kona vacation rentals alii drive170
hawaii life real estate brokers170
waikiki shore condo170
kauai vacation homes170
vrbo maui vista170
napili point condos170
hawaii beach home rentals170
haleiwa surf condos170
maui hill condos170
kihei house rentals170
hawaii real estate companies170
hawaii holiday rentals170
luxury apartments honolulu170
wailea beach villas for sale170
hawaii vacation condos170
harpta hawaii170
hawaii beachfront homes170
lahaina house rentals170
vacation houses in hawaii170
kapalua condos170
kapolei real estate170
big island long term rentals170
commercial real estate oahu170
furnished apartments honolulu170
maui apartments for rent long term170
maui long term rentals by owner170
hawaii kai condos170
fee simple condos for sale in honolulu170
coldwell banker kauai170
hawaii kai homes for rent170
lanai condo170
kihei apartments for rent170
condos for sale in honolulu hawaii170
big island hawaii apartments170
kapalua real estate170
new listings maui170
maui hawaii houses170
farm land for sale hawaii170
homes for sale in hawaii under $200 000170
maui real estate for sale by owner170
homes for sale in kihei maui170
cheap homes in hawaii170
maui real estate foreclosures170
big island real estate for sale by owner170
ewa beach real estate170
kailua hawaii real estate170
houses for rent kahului170
ewa beach hawaii homes for sale170
waikiki apartments for sale170
homes for sale kailua kona hi170
homes for sale in hilo hawaii by owner170
hawaii estate170
big island realty170
houses for sale in pahoa hawaii170
kakaako apartments for rent170
poipu real estate170
waikoloa village homes for sale170
kaneohe real estate170
house for rent in pearl city170
maui homes for sale zillow170
honolulu property for sale170
kauai mls170
makakilo houses for sale170
hawaii mls listings170
lahaina apartments for rent170
kauai real estate zillow170
hawaii loa ridge homes for sale170
cheap land for sale hawaii170
house for sale in wailuku170
kauai foreclosures170
hilo condos for sale170
homes for sale captain cook hawaii170
waimea real estate170
kamuela homes for sale170
houses for sale in waimanalo170
homes for sale in pahoa hawaii170
waimea hawaii real estate170
houses for sale in waimea170
molokai condos for sale170
moanalua apartments170
houses for rent aiea170
zillow molokai170
county of maui real property170

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