Become a Salesperson

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Improve your SALES Performance and Earn more!

Become a Salesperson


· Up to 30% Commission on each sale you make;

· You can work whenever you want;

· You can work from wherever you want;

· You do not need to go to an office;

· You can also have it as a second job;

· You can sell services in any language.

What you are going to sell:

· Websites design and development services

· Digital marketing services (Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEO Audit, Marketing Analysis)

· Server Administration Services

What you are going to sell:

· To know how to sell OR to want to learn how to sell

· To have some basic knowledge what is a website, social marketing, SEO, what server configurations we offer (it is a matter of learning fast also, as we do not expect you to know everything).


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