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Follol is the best solution for your Server Administration!

Server Administration Services

Usually, Server Administration Services are advanced computer networking topics that includes server configuration and installation, storage, server roles, remote access, virtualization, Active Directory and Group Policy, file, print, and web services, application servers, performance, and reliability.
So, a server administrator, or admin has the overall control of your server. This is usually in the context of a business organization, where a server administrator oversees the performance and condition of multiple servers in the business organization.


We offer the following Server Administration Services:

  • Install, Configure and Support CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows Servers
  • Install, Configure and Support Apache (LAMP), Nginx (LEMP), IIS Web Servers
  • Install, Configure and Support MySQL, MS SQL, Percona Database Servers
  • High Availability Solutions for Web Servers
  • High Availability Solutions for Database Servers
  • Install, Configure and Support HaProxy as Load Balanacer
  • Servers Migration: Strategies and Execution for Minimal Downtime
  • Website Data Migration between different systems (Example: Migrating products from Magento to WordPress).
  • Monitoring Servers/Services Performance, Status, Resources Usage
  • Bash, Batch, PowerShell Scripting
  • CDN Services Setup and Configuration
  • Research on different Solutions related to Web and Database servers

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