Competitor Analysis

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Why do you need a Competitor Analysis?

Competitor Analysis

Running a business can be highly competitive. So, your company or organization website should be as well created as possible. And to keep your business surviving, you also need to understand your position when compared to your competitors websites. Knowing more about your competitors requires a lot of research, knowledge and observation.

Our Goal?


 . . . is to create for you a better website than your competitors’ websites.

Our Steps:

Start by listing at least three of your main competitors and their websites. These are the businesses, organizations or people who provide a similar products / services to yours. They also tend to serve the same market.

It’s best to look for those businesses that are of a similar size as yours.

A full analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of designing and creating your competitors’ websites – in order to determine the points at which you would be ahead of your competitors.

Next, identify the customers that you and your competitors tend to attract. We can do this by going through your marketing materials, social media pages, website, blog, seeing where you and they advertise, etc. This material will help us figure out who they and you are trying to reach.

Defining the final design of your website and for what clients target, web browsers, and monitor resolutions is best to be created.