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Our Leaders

Tsvetan Valchev
Tsvetan ValchevCEO
14 years in Web Design
14 years in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
8 years in Internet Marketing
Marian Valchev
Marian ValchevCTO
15 years in Website Development
12 years in System Security
12 years in Server and Network Administration
Todor Brailski
Todor BrailskiMarketing Manager
8 years in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
7 years in Social Marketing
6 years in Reputation Marketing


Follol.com is powered by Online Creations Ltd.

Online Creations Ltd is a professional internet marketing company offering web design, SEO marketing, Internet marketing and many other online services. Our headquarter is in Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe. We have quality professionals – web designers with long experience in professional web design, internet marketing specialists (SEO Marketing – Search Engine Optimization), online sales managers and friendly customer support representatives. Our specialists apply their many years knowledge in maintaining world class quality in every project. For us the important things are quality and efficiency shown in each project to meet the wishes of each client. Our company teams will help you get high and rapid growth of your business. They will work on each of your projects with high precision, attention and performance.

As a Web Design Company – we offer services at a World class level: Custom Web Design, Online Store (online shop) creation, many online forms and modules, Database Management, Animations, Website redesign, Web Design Templates and etc.

As a SEO Marketing Company (SEO Marketing, Search Engine Optimization) – we offer the following services that will help you generate more revenue from Internet and reach Google Top 10 results with your website for specific keywords.

As a Internet Marketing Company (Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing) – we offer the following services that will help you sale more and be more competitive on the Internet, and be more visible on Social Networks.

As a Web Applications Company – we offer specific services such as: Developing applications for Internet, control management systems (back-end applications), Monitoring applications and etc.


We create professional web design according to customers’ requirements but we always offer our vision of functionality and effectiveness of a web design project. And through our professional advice you can be sure you will always have the opportunity to own not only a stylish web design but an easy to navigate and customer oriented web site. Because no matter how beautiful web design is – it must be friendly oriented to the client, which can easily surf through it.

Vast experience in managing and achieving efficiency for web projects.

Our professional teams of web design, SEO Marketing, Internet Marketing are your best assistants to develop your business online. They will help you accomplish your goals and your business projects. If you are working with us you will have the opportunity to make a maximum contact to any of your clients on the Internet and thus be able to generate significant revenues from the Internet with your business development.

We strictly maintain the confidentiality and security of each project.

Our marketing company will never disclose or sell information about our customers and / or project under the influence of external circumstances. This means that we will not provide your personal or business information to unauthorized third parties. Any personal or confidential information will be stored in protected and secure corporate web servers through encrypted passwords.

Online Creations Ltd is a Internet Marketing Company with 100% Guarantee for quality and 100% Professionalism and Loyalty

We accurately analyze and execute work on any part of your desires, to fulfill your future business goals.

Our teamwork is the most important path to success. We show loyalty and professionalism during the execution of your projects.


World Class Web Design

Internet Marketing

SEO Marketing

Social Media Marketing

and etc.

If you want to develop your website or business project and to give it efficiency – just review the definitions of our services: custom web design (design service), graphic design, Internet marketing, web design and development, website animation, online shop, banner design and more.

Then contact us and share with us your project requirements.

Contact us here.

Trust us and you’ll see the real benefits of developing your business in Internet!

With our services you can easily grow your business in Internet and significantly increase your revenue. We are a web design company with many years of experience in professional custom web design and management of web sites (internet marketing, search engine optimization, internet advertising, website animation etc.) with ability to build innovative and effective seo marketing for a company or organization, i.e. we know how to make your business highly competitive and profitable in Internet.


We will improve your company’s visibility and increase revenue from selling your products and / or services on the web. Online Creations LLC is the company that will fulfill every Internet idea and purpose you have.


With our web design service, called custom web design (or online store), you’ll find your business in the fastest growing and most effective marketing media called Internet. According to statistics, professional internet marketing (seo marketing) is located on the 2-nd place after the TV on the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and the 1-st place in profitability compared to investments that are invested. Therefore the creation of a website (custom web design, online shop and etc.) with a stylish web design combined with effective internet marketing (SEO Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google AdWords marketing, Pay per Visits marketing) is the most profitable business decision.

For promoting and enriching your business face, we offer graphic design services (banner design and etc.).


In our practice we have found that each website or web project needs a solid internet marketing (SEO marketing) to be effective and successful. Our advertising department knows how to accomplish your goals and wishes according to your online advertising. Nowadays, an important step towards the development of any business is a revolutionary Internet advertising (search engine optimization marketing) that changed the world in general marketing. By internet marketing (SEO Marketing) and online advertising we mean: Read more ….

Search Engine Optimization (SEO Marketing), whereby each web site can reach top positions in the most important business search engine Google (over 70% of people go online through Google when searching for something). The popularity of the website (SEO) ensures a great number of consumers (targeted customers) and generates more revenue from your business. See here: SEO Marketing (Search Engine Optimization SEO)


Online Creations LLC is the best business assistant.

So do not hesitate to leave us countless project requirements – our teams will analyze all your web and business needs.

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